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Hotel Dolomiti



Strada Dolomites, 9


38039 Vigo di Fassa (TN)


Tel. +39 0462 764131

Fax +39 0462 764580

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La storia


Everything began at the start of the 20th century when the Detomas family comprised several male children and just one girl. They emigrated to Switzerland to find work, with the intention of later building a home. Being located on high grounds, the valley in those days was very poor and did not bear much fruit but every family had its stable and milk was turned to butter and cheese. The situation was better in the nearby valley of Fiemme, closer to the Adige valley and to the town. The Detomas siblings worked in several places of the Ex-Austro-Hungarian Empire and also in Switzerland. Upon their return they built the old hotel “Alle Dolomiti”, in the strategic point of that which was once known as the “Pass of San Giovanni”, in honour of the historical church located alongside it. Pretty soon, near the hotel, a petrol station was built in addition to the post house and a post office rose on the ground floor (postal service took place through the use of wagons just like for the transport of food)
Especially during the summer season, the first clients were enthusiasts of the beauty of the Dolomites: geologists, alpinist, reporters, transit travellers and incognito famous personalities. Afterwards many families who wanted to enjoy the healthy alpine air started to arrive. Several are the letters of reservation made by the clients of the time who used to spend whole months in the hotel.
The brochures, which we still keep in our possession, tell the story of the various past transits that have taken place in the Hotel Dolomiti and are also beautiful social testimonies. The availability of water in the bedrooms is an example of this: in the beginning it was brought in jars by the staff or directly by the owners; then cold water started to be available directly in the room. Hot water became available after some years and now the hotel offers various Jacuzzis and the Wellness centre.
These memories and these testimonies are very important for us and they have allowed us to learn about the hotel up from its origins and its evolution through the years, keeping in mind that we have to thank our forefathers, whose footsteps we are following.

We, the 4th generation Detomas are hoteliers at heart and not business entrepreneurs. We consider ourselves a family that understands the needs of all of those who want to spend an enjoyable holiday with friends, in total safety, pampered, and serene at the same time, just like amongst family.